Based in Spring Arbor University, The Oak Tree Almanac hosts conversations that consider how scholarly work can serve the common good. We seek to bring the riches of the academy to a broader audience. We do this by talking with scholars about how their work matters for “people in the pews,” for thoughtful people who don’t spend their lives inside the academic bubble.

Here in Spring Arbor there’s a breakfast place called The Wooden Spoon where farmers and locals hang out. We begin each of our interviews by asking our guests to imagine how they would describe their scholarship to someone who struck up a conversation with them at The Wooden Spoon. There’s no knowing where our conversations might go after thisyou’ll have to listen to find out!

The Troublemakers

Chase Ockerse is an English major at SAU who enjoys mountain biking, mushroom hunting, and wrangling the podcasting crew.



Robbie Bolton is a librarian who enjoys hiking, running, biking, and reading to his kids. He also enjoyed being wrangled for podcasting and retweeting Jeff’s tweets from @robbiebolton.



Jack Baker is an English professor who built a writing shed and now feels a great deal of pressure to produce something that justifies the investment. His 1957 Royal Standard typewriter should help with this endeavor.


Jeff Bilbro is an Associate Professor of English. He writes stuff, is an editor at Front Porch Republic, and tweets, among other things.